Terri Matthews
...is an innovator of opportunity and change.

Terri has over 15 years of experience as an Executive with a focus in HR Law and as a Business Consultant in the Corporate, Athletic, Entertainment and Resturant sphere. Throughout her career, she has leveraged her knowledge as an expert of the industry to position herself as a trailblazing serial entrepreneur with a solid reputation.

As the CEO of Jaden’s Voice, Terri has developed a multi-level platform to bring awareness to Autism. Jaden’s Voice is an approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organization poised to become a leading voice of advocacy while making irreversible change. Jaden’s Voice provides services along with resources that will enhance the lives of individuals and their families who have been impacted by Autism. An example of this is using her relationships with Apple, Inc., A.J. Drexel University Autism Institute as well as other recognizable brands along with the Jaden's Voice team to develop Jadens' Friend, a unique national approach to certifying autism friendly environments that are advertised to the public.

Terri has established herself as a trendsetter and pioneer throughout the country she continues to pave the way to change in the Philadelphia region, nationally and internationally. She is the President & Owner of MattCo Construction, Inc. marking her entrance as one of very few women in the construction management field. She also owns & operates CleanIt Solutions, Inc. and TM Partners, LLC. Terri’s newest business venture is gravity & grace, a clothing line with a cause that was founded on two principles; remain humble & extend forgiveness always.

Terri Matthews is a woman guided by her faith. She fearlessly leads with intelligence, wisdom, passion, and strength. Her vision is to empower individuals to achieve their dreams despite their circumstances. Terri Matthew's life serves as an example of how dedication, hard work, respect, purpose, and resilience will birth results.

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